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Kitchen Flooring Mumsnet

Kitchen Flooring Mumsnet
I’m planning a new kitchen. The flooring we have in the kitchen at the moment is laminate. It seems to show dark marks very easily and always looks.
Hi, I really hate the ceramic tiles I have in my kitchen as they’re textured so never get really clean unless I get down on hands and knees with a sc.
As we have so much work to do on the house, we are trying to cut some costs where possible, and I am wondering if we can get some cheaper kitchen flooring i.e. lino, without it looking naff? Has anyone here used lino in their kitchen that looks like wood? Or maybe lino that looks very much like tiles? Or is it best to just …
Hi, we are choosing flooring for our new kitchen. I was just wondering what has worked for you and what may not have worked. New kitchen going in in.
Hi Getting the kitchen completely renovated. Going for white gloss units and a glass worktop. Was just wondering if anyone had any bright ideas for.
Wondering if anyone out there in cyberland has a a *dalsouple* rubber floor in their kitchen? ( Or similar, *Altro* also do one) It’s the rubber flooring with raised circles. DH is convinced its THE floor to have once we’ve installed our new kitchen, but I’m worried that it will be hard to clean around the base of the raised circle bit, …
Is laminate a really bad idea? What’s likely to be warmest.
Hoping for some advice about a new kitchen floor please. We have had the kitchen extended and need to choose a new floor. We have Amtico Spacia tha.
I have to choose some kitchen flooring very soon as kitchen installer starts next month. It’s a small kitchen woth doorways to the living room and t.
In my old, small kitchen I had quarry tiles for years and loved them. Our new extension has a mahoosive kitchen (5m x 5m) with an island in the midd.