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How To Clean Hardwood Gym Floors

How To Clean Hardwood Gym Floors

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A hardwood court is a big investment for any athletic facility. Like any big investment, organizations want to do whatever they can to take care of it. But when the people in charge of the court are unfamiliar with proper basic care, they tend to end up doing too much — or not enough. “With gym floors, there’s so many

Cleaning Hardwood Gym Floors is a challenge for many. Using these 5 tips will help to make your gym floor safe and clean without breaking the bank!

Remove any slippery mess on your gym’s hardwood floor with CourtClean Wet Mop System while your team is stretching. One person can wet-mop your entire floor fast and easily.

How to Clean a Gym Floor. Whether you have a hardwood court or a rubber gym floor, dirt and sweat can damage the floor’s finish or cause athletes to slip. To keep your gym pristine, make sure that you clean the floors daily.

Cleaning hardwood gym floorings requires the right knowledge especially on the proper cleaning products to use. Here are some tips to effectively help you.

The following are gym floor maintenance tips that are effective for cleaning and restoring hardwood gym flooring.

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