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Quick Step Flooring Cleaning

Quick Step Flooring Cleaning

A floor gets dirty, there’s no way around it. Luckily, our Quick-Step floors are easy to maintain. With these tips, you’ll be able to clean your laminate floor in no time. Start by getting out your vacuum cleaner, two buckets, a mop and Quick-Step Clean. Vacuum your floor thoroughly. Use a parquet broom to avoid scratching your …

Carefree enjoyment: that’s what our Quick-Step Livyn luxury vinyl floors are all about. Their sealed top layer with Stain Guard technology helps avoid dirt and stains. And because of their waterproof surface layer you can simply clean them with a wet cloth, keeping the planks safe and sound all the time.

Keep your Quick-Step laminate floors spic-and-span with these expert tips.

Please note that a signature will be required on delivery This mop is not intended to be dunked or fully immersed in water .If you need to use the mop damp only, please remove the cloth part of the mop, immerse in cleaning solution then hand squeeze until the mop is damp only replace and use (you must not over wet you …

QuickStep is incredibly resistant to day-to-day wear-and-tear. It is both easy and cost-efficient to maintain properly. The following maintenance guidelines will ensure your QuickStep floor always looks its very best. General Cleaning. Ensure that your floor is kept clean and free of grit or small stones.

Everyone loves the feeling of having something new. It’s exciting and different. The same applies to having a brand new laminate floor. It’s a great feeling seeing your floors so bright and clean! And you want to keep that feeling for years to come. Thankfully it’s pretty easy with Quick•Step’s laminate floors.