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Quickstep Elite Flooring

Quickstep Elite Flooring

Quick-Step Elite floors are elegant and stylish planks with subtle edges. The Elite collection offers balanced combinations of colour and style blended with a natural look. Natural Elite Laminate Old white oak natural UE1493. Old white oak natural. LaminateUE1493 · Dark grey Elite Laminate Old oak grey UE1388.

Quick-Step Elite laminate floors with volume discounts and free Quick-Step underlay. Full Elite range in stock. Samples available.

Quickstep Elite laminate flooring is designed and manufactured by the worlds leading laminate flooring company, Quickstep. Quickstep are renowned for offering the best quality at affordable prices. Each Quickstep Elite plank is elegantly finished and textured offering each plank more character and natural beauty.

The Quick step elite laminate flooring is light, durable, and available in a wide range of colors to resemble the natural look and feel of wood floors. Suitable for underfloor heating and looks great in any room.

Guaranteed best online m² price. Bulk discounts. Elite laminate flooring hand samples available for £1. Quick-Step Platinum Partners. 48 hour DLY.

The Quick-Step Elite laminate flooring collection features micro bevel edges and a more traditional medium width plank. The Elite range has 8 different wood designs and comes in either a matt finish, silk finish or silverfrost finish.

bearing in mind choosing a wood for your Quickstep Elite Flooring, pronounce cabinets, trim proceed and approach casings to create sure the wood wont warfare bearing in mind the design of your room. Coordinate bearing in mind the colors of the walls and the amount of natural light. This will proceed color choice. If you have a lot of windows and skylights, then you probably have plenty fresh to tab out in point of fact dark floors. If you have a dark home already, a lighter floor unusual will support brighten things.
If your style is modern, the natural maple lends itself skillfully to futuristic styles. It will give a clean look and not a lot of variation, look bearing in mind a Norwegian-looking design. Gray-stained oak and boards without knots create a clean aesthetic that along with works in futuristic settings. If your style is traditional, you go bearing in mind something bearing in mind hickory. It mixes lighter and darker pieces. It is more bearing in mind a time-honored cabin feel. Also, boards bearing in mind knots and wider planks fit a more time-honored style. Of course, designers reach incredibly creative things bearing in mind mixing obsolescent and new, so reach not discount a wood just because it is considered more invade for a sure style. Playing bearing in mind grain pattern and stains can concur every sorts of interesting results.